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    Along the Way, We've found many products and services that work well and some that don't. We've also found a few things we could easily build ourselves to make our life easier. The information below reflects our opinions. You're mileage may vary.

    Some of the links get us a “commission” or “credit” if you buy after following these links. I've noted these items with a “$” in their title. This doesn't bias our opinion. We'd like what we like because it works for us. However, if you do decide to buy, please follow our link so we get the credit.

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    Mail Forwarding:

    Since we started cruising, we've used the great services of St. Brendan's Isle. This is a mail forwarding service for people who spend a lot of time away from any land base, such as cruisers, RVers, people with multiple residences and folks who just plain spend a lot of time traveling. They'll even pay your bills!

    To find out more, visit their website at:

    Boat Card Printing $:

    We recently printed up new boat cards. We used “Vista Print” We found their service to be very high quality and their prices very low. Be sure and ask us for a new boat card when you see us! Just click the link below to get started.

    Sirius Satellite Radio $:

    Since we started cruising, we've had Sirius Satellite Radio on board. It's great! As I write this we're sitting in Puerto Vallarta listening to cool jazz on channel 71 - The Jazz Cafe. On weekends, we listen to our NPR Favorites, "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me", "Car Talk" and "Prarie Home Companion".

    We've had great coverage from Northern Canada, all the way down to Zihuatanejo.

    Click the link below to check it out!

    SIRIUS Satellite Radio - The Best Radio On Radio


    Plaxo is a great free service that helps you keep your address book up to date.

    When you sign up with Plaxo, you can have it scan your address book and look for other Plaxo members. Plaxo then updates your address book with their updated information. It also will change your entry in their address book with any new information you have entered. Also it will help you hook back up with people you may have lost track of. It's a really neat service!

    The for free version is also useful to synch up your address book and calendar across multiple computers.

    If you subscribe to the "for fee" service, you can also weed out duplicates in your addresses.

    Overall it's a very handy way to keep your addresses up to date when you have a large networks of friends and co-workers (and/or ex-coworkers) that you want to keep in touch with.

    Plaxo works with address books in Outlook, Outlook Express, Yahoo, Mozilla Thunderbird, AIM and MAC OS X.

    To sign up or for more info go to

    Food Saver $:

    We have one of these vacuum baggers on the boat and another at home. They work great for protecting everything from steaks in the freezer to new oil filters for the engine on board Raptor Dance (it keeps them from rusting!).

    We continue updating this list as time permits.