Land Trip to Tequila, Guadalajara, Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende
November 2007

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Our Visit to Tequila - Mary and our guide, Abel, outside a small family run distiller To make Tequila - Harvest the Piñas from the 7 to 10 year old Blue Agave - This is a demo display, it's really done by jimadors in the field A batch of Piñas awaiting roasting Loading up the oven for a 24 hour steam roast
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After roasting, the starch has been converted to sugars and the Piñas are ready for shreading and pressing to extract their juice Keeping things clean at the back of the ovens The juice then goes into these open top fermenters To become Mosto (Must), a low alcohol agave beer, that's then twice distilled to make Blanco Tequila


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