Beyond PV to the Sea of Cortez
April-May 2005 on Raptor Dance

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La Paz Sunset On the La Paz Malecon Roger and Mona of Cherokee Eagle and John of Semonship on Cherokee Eagle With Craig and Barbara of Capella and Kay of Semonship With John on Semonship doing computer stuff Moira in the middle anchorage, Ensenada Grande
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Hiking on Partida, Is this the Trail??? Partida Mary Surraro Slim The trail we didn't pursue Ensenada Grande, South Anchorage on Partida Middle anchorage Ensenada Grande, Isla Partida
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South Anchorage, Ensenada Grande Bahia Evaristo anchorage (school in foreground) San Evaristo Salt Pans Anchored in Bahia El Gato Happy to be in Bahia El Gato Remains of a whale skull Bahia El Gato