Loading onto Dockwise in La Paz   (click on individual pictures for a larger view)
Next stop, Vancouver!
Bill and Mary Suggest that you go to the Dockwise site and view their Videos!  http://www.yacht-transport.com/

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LaPazDW DSCN0002_edited-1 DSCN1890_edited-1 DSCN0005_edited-1 DSCN0009_edited-1
We had to motor from Marina Palmira to Bahia Pichilingue to meet the Dockwise ship Our first sighting of Dockwise Express 12 in Pichilingue Dockwise Express 12 The Stern Gate, not yet open for loading Milling about with the fleet ready to load (it was chilly that morning)
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We had help from our friend John Semon of Semonship We had to wait an hour for the first ship to load to show up (they were late). The boat already on board came down from Vancouver and will get off in Ensenada Packing them in Notice how far down in the water DE 12 is, fully flooded for loading Our turn in and we're bow to bow with the Waterline 53, True Love