Autoprop Rebuild
April 4, 2007


IMG_0460 IMG_0462 IMG_0465_edited-1 IMG_0464_edited-1
Before rebuild, note the shredded seal and the ball bearings showing - note the large gap between the blade and hub (prop puller in background) Close up of shredded seal John Prentice (left) and Bill rebuilding the prop We used Jonco Marine Repair's facility in Nuevo Vallarta to do the rebuild (Pedro of Jonco in the background)
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Close up of cleaned up prop in the midst of reassembly Bill's calibrated hand calculating a torque of 20 Newton Meters - about 15 foot pounds - using a 6 inch pair of pliers, a 30 pound force should do it! The finished prop awaiting remounting Top view of finished prop - note the tight clearance on each blade